Different Types of Natural Spectrum Light

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It is scientifically proven that the natural light from the sun is better for your eyes, as the eye muscles contract and relaxes in an effort to experience better illumination without any irritation. But during the night it may be difficult for a person to see true colors with great contrast, so to overcome that aspect Verilux Company has invented the Natural spectrum light that simulates natural light and brings the benefits of natural light indoors for residential or commercial purposes.The Natural spectrum light form was basically lighting developed on the basis of the eye’s rod, cones and photoreceptors such that they work together yielding better results when they are exposed to full balanced spectrum of light. With the balanced stimuli an individual’s brain acts more efficiently in interpreting variety of information that is essential to create accurate representation of the living world around him. Today the company’s lamp and tubes are used in innovative applications like light therapy treatment. Click on https://www.sadlightsreview.com/why-do-verilux-happy-light-reviews-continually-outperform-other-sad-lights-reviews/

In the market, there are a variety of spectrum light equipments released by the company and they are categorized under desk & floor lamps, light boxes and full spectrum bulbs. Desk & Floor Lamps are types of lamps are generally used for reading, writing or deskwork activities which make use of 27 Watt with an average bulb life up to 10,000 hours. Usually the desk & floor lamps are energy efficient, glare free, frickle free, adjustable brightness, flexible neck, instant switch on and reduce eye strain. Light boxes and light therapy devices are full spectrum lamps that are extensively used in hospitals and health care centres for conduction of light therapies. Normally the lamps are in the shape of a light box which can produce a luminous intensity of 10,000 LUX. Some of the light boxes are incorporated with timers and auto shut off facility. These lamps are very effective when compared to others, don’t produce harmful UV radiations, offers natural daylight environment, energy efficient and can be carried along while on a travel which helps ease out SAD symptoms. Full spectrum bulbs are incandescent spectrum light bulbs that offer full spectrum light. These bulbs can be fixed into any standard light fixtures which have an average bulb life of 10,000 hours. The spectrum bulbs are available in 12 watts, 13 watts, 15 watts, 18 watts, 20 watts, 23 watts, 26 watts and 36 watts. The bulbs increases contrast between white & black colors, reduces glares, good for growth of plants, energy saving, compact bulbs and lasts five times longer than ordinary bulbs. This type of bulb is ideally suitable for indoors.

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